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Sustainer-have A Final Pcb?


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sorry about my English,ask a question,sustainer pcb design have a final excellent one?thank

what do you mean? if youre looking for pcb version of ruby or fetzer ,just go to the runoffgroove.com,thres a link on the article that will lead you to download the pcb version of it by pablo de luca,and i think its too simple to be build on pcb,......perfboard its fun and cool....if only i got the transistor

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thanks,i have has that one,and test many times,but it dosnot work very well,ONLY Extended sound modes can work,when i Switch it to Overtone mode,sound be Out of control ,so i hope ,someon can Provide a pcb that Close to the original,thank a lot。

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Likely the problem is not with the circuit by the sounds of it. Some typical installation problems...have you ensured that the neck pickup is entirely disconnected or removed and any other coils. Exactly what you have done, driver and circuit details would help...pictures are a must with the language problem.

But, most unlikely that it is the circuit with the symptoms described.

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