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4cr 2k Poly From Germany

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Gonna start spraying the clear on my current build in the next couple of days. Has anyone ever used this 2k poly before? Got put onto it by a good automotive paint supplier and they said it was real easy to spray, flows nice and a fantastic product. Somehow im not sure it will be so simple. If anyone has used it and got any tips that would be great. Even tips for any 2k is welcome. I have been trawling through the finishing section of the forum for a week now and been reading anything to do with 2-part polys, but its always good to get some up to date tips!

Cheers for looking


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Thanks Kill. What about gun cleaning? Do you take it all to bits? I usually will remove the tip,the can and all the parts where the fluid runs through but i haven't taken the needle out etc.

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Take it fully down where the fluid goes. It only takes a few extra seconds to get the needle out and clean it, but letting finish build up in there can ruin a gun. Clear usually takes me 10-15 minutes to clean the gun and 20-30 for primer. The primer just seems to get everywhere and dries faster.

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