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Using Old Fret Wire?

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If i were to remove the frets from my board to re-shape it, could the wire still be used again after re-shaping?

Depends on ho wthey come out.

I have pulled frets out, that came right out. Usually due to a dried up fret board, and the fret board would chip around the fret grooves.

Most the frets I have pulled were destroyed when pulled. bent beyond useable.

So I would say dont count on it.

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thanks...im gonna go nice and slow...see if i can save some money.

5$ is not big money, and you shouldn't spare on that !

:D :D

I read your last topic, and can you tell where is your location ?

I bet that someone is willing to help. (including me)


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I usually get 'em out with nothing worse than shallow scratches on the sides of the crown. I have re-used pulled frets before. It's no big deal if you know what you're dealing with (especially how consistent the crown heights are with each other). And I'm pretty good at bending a radius into a short piece of fret-wire with different kinds of pliers.

But, it would often be more trouble than using new fret-wire, so it's mostly been in special situations for me, mostly partial fret-jobs. I once put all used frets on a $1.00 yard sale acoustic. Lot more fret leveling involved than I would have liked.

Should be obvious that I don't compromise much on my pulling tools. First one I'll grab is mini end-nippers with the jaws ground so thin, I had to add a scew stop on the handles to keep the jaw tips from touching each other and also to help keep them from bashing too hard into the fret tang. They don't lift the fret up a whole lot, but enough that I can switch over to another pair that's not ground so delicate.

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My first ever fret job was reusing frets from an old acoustic to put on the one I played. Didn't know a thing about what I was doing and had no tools other than a knife to pry them out & a file to shape them. I didn't even know one could buy fretwire lol. I'm playing those same frets 25 years later. :D

Now I save all my old fretwire. Never know when it'll match a small refret job.

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