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Acrylic For Scratchplate?

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Hi all! It's been quite a while since I've been around these parts but it's good to the awsome guitars are still being built.

My girlfriend is big Batman fan and would love a Batman scratch plate. I was considering trying to make one.

Would sheets of acrylic work? One black, one yellow. Inlay the yellow into the black using a Dremmel.

Is there anything I should know about working with acrrylic? How does it sand?

Is it possible to get a 45 degree bevel bit for a Dremmel? (for the side of the scratchplate). Appologies if I got the terminology wrong!


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For starters don't use 2 different colours. Get an image you want. get the old pick guard off and trace onto the piece of acrylic, then cut out the acrylic and place over top your image, The image can be on paper or whatever. Then use some sort of adhesive to attach it to the back of the pick guard. Try Spray adhesive or contact cement.

drill the holes and run through a router table with a bevel bit around the edges and bingo bango bongo your done.

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