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Is It The Pot Or The Switch?


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I have an Electra Workingman (hense my moniker). It has a standard two humbucker with 2T, 2V and a three way switch. The bridge pup cuts out fairly frequently when switching and sometimes when playing. I have replaced the switch and reflowed the solder on all the pionts but it still happens. The other day while I was adjusting the volume pot it momentarly cut out (usualy when it cuts out it stays cut out for a while). It is possible I have a bad pot? If so how would I test it or should I just replace it? Many thanks in advance.

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i find a lot of my personal guitars with 3-way toggles occasionally cut out on one setting - generally its because i dont play them enough and leave the toggle switch on one pickup, then when switching to the other setting its not there. I assume its the leaves of the switches getting used to being in a certain position because if i leave them in the middle it doesnt happen and is generally solved by flicking the switch back and forth a few times. most of these are switchcraft switches, so not cheap horrible ones

replace the pot anyway as it does sound like it might be dying, but if you keep getting issues just leave the switch in middle position when not in use and see if that helps

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