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Trem Routing

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Hey all,

For my next project I’m installing a tremolo for the first time. I bought a Gotoh trem and naively thought it might come with fitting instructions or even a nice template for the routing. I was wrong!

How do you guys go about routing for trems? Just wondering if there is a specific set of measurements I need to take from the trem to make sure it fits.

If it helps, this is the trem I’ve bought: http://www.wdmusic.co.uk/product/Seven_Str...ystem_GE1087TB#

Many thanks

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going off the info, i'd use a standard vintage strat template & increase the width of it by 11.3mm (string spacing=11.3mm, 1 extra string so it needs to be 11.3mm wider)

and to be sure I'd route it on a piece of scrap to check for fit/operation before condemning a body blank to the Eternal Fires of Damnation.

hope this helps

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