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Help With Wood Selection

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If you are a downtuner like me.. I believe walnut is one of the best woods out there!! absolutely love it..

I usually do maple necks and walnut bodies, though.

However.. Check out Carvin's site.. they were making 100% walnut guitars last time i checked!

As for the birch.. as long as its stable.. i can't see why not.

I'm into using non traditional woods.. i have a piece of half dark grey and half white figured hickory here that is going to be a fretboard in the near future!!

Honestly.. I think Mahogany just sounds mushy when you drop tune.. Walnut rules!

you know why everybody wants to use mahogany.. cause gibson used it for les pauls when they were first made.. you know why they use mahogany.. cause it was a cheap plentiful hardwood.. the furniture industry was importing it like mad!!

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