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Nut Question And Bridge Placement...

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Nut question:

I purchased a Karosa neck from eBay and the nut is in bad shape. I've never made my own nut before so I'm thinking that getting a preslotted nut would be the best bet. I took the measurements and I can find preslotted nuts that are the same length, but the thickness or height might be slightly off (by like .2 mm). This might be a dumb question, but how tight of a tolerance is there in selecting the closest fit? If I get something with the correct length, but with slight variances in the other dimensions should I be ok? Which dimensions would you say are most crucial? Should I be worried about string spacing?

Bridge placement:

I've never built a guitar before and want to start with a six string cigar box guitar. I'm not sure how far back the bridge will need to be placed. I'm planning on using this bridge. http://store.guitarfetish.com/topmohabrfit.html

Thank you for the help!

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Buy the nut the right width and oversized everywhere else then file it down.

Bridge depends on the scale of the neck.

Get Melvin hiscocks book build your own electric guitar. Even if all you ever buid are cigar box guitars its a valuable resource

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to properly replace a nut it requires tools and the ability to shape the nut. You start over sized in all dimensions and fit it to the instrument. Every instrument is different. Anyone who says they have an exact replacement nut has no clue. No respectable repair person stocks anything but blanks that they shape to fit.

The method depends on the material but sand paper is the best start to get the width correct so it fits in the slot. Then nut files or some file that will create small slots or even a thin razor saw. many things about nut making on the forum if you can find it.

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