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Hello...not long ago, I found a guitar at a dumpster near where I live. It's an gloss black Epi SG from approx the 90s. I have plenty of guitars at home, but hey...free guitar. It actually plays quite well, but it looks like someone tried to change the color and just started sanding and then ultimately giving up. (maybe this is why it was thrown out?).

I would like to take it down to the wood and start over with a different color. I'm not sure what type of paint is used...although someone told me that it is an automotive lacquer. This is going to be my overall project guitar so I'm willing to try anything. Other than taking out (and bagging) the electronics and disconnecting the neck, where should I begin?


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More than likely it is an automotive polyurethane which is almost bullet proof. It is VERY chemical resistant so chemical strippers won't do much good at all. But the good news is that you don't need to sand down to bare wood. Painted guitars are 90% of the time made from several pieces of wood, usually not matching grain patterns so they are not too nice to look at. Only sand down to the original finsh and then start your priming and painting from there.

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