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Squier Strat Texas Rebuild?

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Morning all,

I recently acquired an Epiphone Les Paul (in lovely Transparent Blue) which means I can finally get around to fixing up my old Squier Strat - something that's long overdue.

Right now it's sitting at factory spec, more or less, because I didn't have another daily-play guitar that I could sit and work tunes out with (My Flying V is great, but not great for sitting!).

So I need to replace the pots and switch and was eyeing this kit up:


But I'm also going to need new pickups - mine's a 90's CorTek so it's not all bad, but they're a little on the tinny side. I'd like to take it a little farther south into the realm of the Tex Strat is possible so I need input on what everything thinks would suit.

It's got 2 singles so I was thinking about the Fender Texas specials to replace those - but the catch is my humbucker - I love it and want to keep one there. I was looking at the SD Alnico Pro II Bridge but I don't know how well it would fit into the sound - I mean maybe for some sweet lead tones.

What's the concensus?

Thanks all,


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Check out one of these, I just replaced the pickups on my strat with one (i got the s/s/s one however), but it really makes it sound great. I got the 30th anniversary one with the ntune tuner, but it's the same pickups, they really were a huge improvement over the stock ones. In strandberg's build thread about the 3 ergonomic guitars he included some sound samples so you can see if they are what you're looking for. They really made a dead feeling instrument come to life, even through my crappy crate solid-state amp.


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