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Wood Binding On Forearm Contour

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its possible, but not easy.

the channel can be completed around the contour by hand with a traditional purfling cutter

then its just the not so simple task of bending the wood to fit... thats the real tricky bit

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Its easier to do this before the body is tapered if you dont have a binding jig.

The reason I say this is the body is very thin at this point, depth wise and limits your edge contact with some tools. Also the rear cutout is there as well. That way you start with a level surface for the router. The router will remove the bulk of the material the transition will need to be done by hand.

Not that I have given this much thought. I guess you could also add a pattern to the top and do it afterwards. Again its the change in depth that makes it hard without a binding jig as this follows the contours ad jives an even chanel depth.

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