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I'm Boring

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I don't think that's boring - that's smart. Maple is a consistent performer in neck construction. I can see your point, but still think that wood porn is more exciting that building with lesser/unknown/untested/just to be cool materials (just my opinion). Even my plywood builds are done with furniture grade plywood.

This doesn't mean at all that I'm not excited by these types of builds, just that I don't think consistent solid construction is boring :D

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It's not one of those "I'm fat" statements. Seriously - I HATE those. I agree with them and go to great lengths to describe the grotesque blubber rolls that are dripping over their ankles.

No, I just realized that 2/3 of my guitars have a maple neck. I think that maple is boring because it's so commonly used. I just didn't realize that so many of them WERE maple.

In my defense, 8 of the 11 maple ones were necks that I either bought or were made for me in trade. 9 of the 12 I've made or am in the process of making are NOT primarily maple.

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I was just kiddin' ya anyhoo.

But the 'blubber roll' things' got me a little concerned...I mean da-yum :D

Anyway, Maple is relatively inexpensive and usually very stable, so it's a great base from which to launch your further fretboard excursions, and building as many as you have, you should now have a good aural 'home plate' sense of sound with which to compare other woods you use in the future.

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As people have said, maple is a good building material, and a good base to use to build a guitar around. Sure, it may have a maple neck, but the body wood, Fretboard wood, Pups, and everything else make it unique.

Now if you were to build nothing but Strats, with the same wood, over and over again, but with say, Walnut necks...

Now that would be boring.

The neck is just a piece, theres still alot more of the guitar that makes it unique and interesting.


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I have TWO necks made from walnut, and two bodies. It's really great stuff to work with.

In my house it's Formica + ash or Formica + poplar. I definitely won't be making any more maple bodies. Maybe a maple cap, but not the whole thing.

Blubber rolls = ex-wife. I'm 6'4", come in around 260, and she outweighed me for a looooooong time.

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