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Push Pull Led Switch


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I had fun playing with some led's on a guitar I'd been messing around with recently. I've got 4 left so I thought I'd stick them under the bridge pickup on another of my guitars. It's a single pickup guitar with one knob and I don't want to add a switch so I was wondering if a push pull pot could be used to switch on the led's? This one maybe - http://www.axesrus.com/axeElectronicsPots.htm (8 down). How would I wire it up?

Thanks for your help.

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Any push pull pot will do, even an spst. You simply put the switch between either the +V lead from the battery and the LED or between the LED ground and battery ground. You can tie all of your LED leads together, but I would suggest using a current limiting resistor between +V and the LED anode. This will make your battery last longer and keep your LED's from burning up. I would use something at least in the 1k area for the resistor. So to recap, +V from the battery to the center lug of the switch on the pot, from one of the outside lugs of the pot through a resistor to LED anode, then wire LED cathode to batter ground. Easy as can be.

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