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Trev Wilkinson Has Done It Again

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the man is a hardware genius


here we have a hardtail self-tuning bridge that hopefully will drop in place on a normal strat and uses a micro hex pickup for tuning duties. it already seems less invasive than gibsons self tuning system but its the potential with the hex pickup that interests me... makes it a possibility midi capability could be added on future versions.

possibly a aftermarket robot beater ???

ok, so it leaves an empty trem cavity on the back if adding to a standard strat... perfect place for batteries and circuit boards maybe

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yeah, price will be an issue... but wilkinson usually manage to do quite well on that.

i would certainly expect better than the tronical was before gibson brought them out

there is a video on the page i linked to - seems to work quite well

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That looks pretty sweet if you ask me. I would consider getting one to stick in a custom build, but I don't want to buy the whole guitar shown there.

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