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Uv Resistant Clear

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Hi all,

I'm going to need some UV resistant clear soon & wonder if any UK (preferable) members can recommend (from experience) a local supplier/brand, I'm asking for UK/Euro members input because of international shipping restrictions so offshore suppliers/brands will probably be no-go.

price is not really an issue as I would prefer to just finish the guitar once..... ie do it right not twice.

thanx in advance...


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ok ..... let's rephrase it then as I already understood that nothing is completely UV RESISTANT,

let's say UV RETARDENT

thanks for your input so far guys, I'd never even thought about auto-clear being UV retardent even tho' i'd used it on solid colours before.

I've got a build ongoing thats gonna be stained & i don't want the colour to fade

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Deck, railing, and outdoor furniture stains work... although i don't think they're very applicable for guitars, as they have a sort of "flexible" quality to them.

you've misunderstood..... it's a quilt maple top which is getting stained/dyed, i need a suitable clear-coat to go over it that will reduce the amout of UV making it thru to the stain/dye layer thus bleaching/fading the colour.

although the guitar will see plenty of daylight as it will be played often it will NEVER be left in direct sunlight. I just need a clear that will reduce the risk of it fading quickly

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