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Suggestions For Chromatic Tuner

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Why no peterson?

Yes they are expansive, but i'm convinced that they are worth it.

But i also got a korg ca 30 and it's mostly ok for what it costs, don't know how good or bad the ca 1 is.

Unlike workingman's korg mine is off 2hz though, can be adjusted, but it worries me a bit.

Peterson also got a clip-pickup which actually comes with the stroboflip,

but it can be bought separately, apparently it even can be used with every chromatic tuner.

So if you want that feature without buying a tuner that's not very versatile,

then maybe the peterson is the way to got


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If you have an iPhone, the Peterson is $10 and dead accurate.

The build-in mic is no good though, a adapter cable can be bought from peterson though,

the piezo clip-on pup should then also work with it i guess.

Should a overall 40$ or something like that.

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