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Edge 7 Bridge String Spacing Verification?

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OK, So I have read like EVERY universe, K7, and RG7 thread on this dang forum as well as searching google for hours... downloading the CAD files for these guitars, the works. NO ONE lists the standard string spacing on the trems on any of these things. Everyone always asks for neck dimensions... which really tells you very little unless you assume the distance from the outter strings to the fretboard edge stays consistent, or you're building a direct copy (which I'm not).

I'm planning on using the Kahler 7327 which has variable spread anywhere from 24-2.9"... I'm assuming the Universe spacing is somewhere between there hahaha, and would like to use something "standard".

Could someone please tell me what the bridge string spacing on an Ibanez 'floyd" equipt 7-string is please? I'd really like to know the actual spacing instead of just assuming there's 1/8" on the outsides of the outside strings.

Also, question 2: I've been finding 7-string floyd locking nuts all at 1 7/8" (which is what I'd like to use), but keep finding Ibanez 7-string nut dimensions at (48mm) 1.89" which is about .015" wider than 1 7/8"... I know that that's not MUCH, but it's enough to feel and I'm nuts (pun intended) like that. I'd really like to know the real measurement here.

Thanks guys!


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On Ibanez's site, they have a trem manual mesurement for the ZR and EDGE trems... I haven't looked for a 7 string version though. I'll let you know what I come up with!


fail. If no one has posted anything by tomorrow, I can go out with some calipers and measure a jem or a k7 at Daddy's if you want.

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