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Wood Blanks

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Hi guys!

I'm new in town, I live in Lisbon, Portugal and I play the guitar since 1975.

Over the time I grew fond of lutherie, and after acquire some knowledge in guitar building, I think it's time to start to build one.

Can someone tell me where I can buy wood blanks in europe?

By the way this forum is a must, you guys do beautiful craftsmanship, congratulations to all of you.


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Thanks man :D

When I start my project I'll give news.


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Bom Dia

I usually go to Lisbon two or three times a month. Let me know if there is something specific you need and I may be able to save you a bit of money on shipping.

As the bannannaman said, I would be really surprised if you could not get most or all of your woods right there in Lisboa. Worry about exotic woods after building a couple of guitars, no reason to ruin expensive woods on your first couple of guitars.



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Thanks Buter,

I'll let you know if I wont something.

Let me do some thinking and planning, you caught me out of guard with your proposal.

Thanks again

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