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String Spacing

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'Freehand it' in relation to what exactly?

Making a drawing of the guitar, building a neck, choosing your bridge, pickups, ???

Why don't you give us your ideas and selections so far so we have some puzzle pieces to work with

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You would normally receive a nut blank. Then, according to your preference, along with bridge spacing, neck taper, pole positions on your pickups. So no, there isn't any real formula other than to pick things that match.

Hopefully my vague answer answers your vague question :D

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The VERY first thing you must do before going any further is to stop dead in your tracks where you are right now. Get a copy of Melvin Hyscock's book on How to Build an Electric Guitar. Read it cover to cover, then read it again. After reading it, 95% of your questions will be answered. The questions you are starting with are the most basic and can be found pretty easily. Generally on this forum, these types of questions are answered with "Use the search function". Read through this forum and the tutorials, read Melvin's book. Then you will have a much better understanding of how everything interacts and how guitars truely work. Then when you have questions they will be a lot more refined and to the point and you'll get a lot more and more direct answers.

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