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Strip Poly And Hand Rub Finish Or Poly Headstock?

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Can't make up my mind. I have a 90s carvin koa maple neck through 5string bass that I repaired the headstock on.

I like to strip the poly off the body and neck and put on a tung oil finish. Is that poly and sealer going to be to hard to strip remove, or would I be better off putting a poly finish over the repaired head stock?

I really love the silky smooth feel of a hand rubbed finish. But if stripping the poly and sealer will be to difficult might be better off leaving it.

Just can't make up my mind.

It is ok to tung oil maple right?

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Yes, it's going to be difficult, and require a lot of hand sanding after you remove the finish. You can remove it with stripper such as strip-eze or Red Devil, and this will also take some time. So if you are looking for something easy, stripping and re-finishing probably isn't in your ballpark.

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