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Pole pieces too long, and foam?


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On my new pickup, the pole pieces (I think they are called pole pieces, the screws that come of the bottom) are longer than my original pickup. They only way it fits is at an angle, and the back sticks up too high and the strings hit it. My original one had smaller screws and two foam strips on each side that I'm guessing was used to make sure the pickup was level. My new pickup came with a ring, but I hate rings and it won't fit anyway. Can I cut the screws, or get smaller ones for it, and should I add strips of foam? Where would I get the foam and does it any to be anything special?

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dremel??? are you trying to simply make the holes bigger, i use a nice sized sheet rock screw to make them bigger, takes like 10 seconds

jsut screw it in and go

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