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Full Tops On Neck Through Construction

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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking (I don't know what you mean by the 'lowered area') but, by far, the easieast way to get your head around doing a top on a neck through is have a look at one of the opening pages of Metalhead28's stunning orange doublecut build. he even carved the top before joining it to the body/core.

I am doing a 12-string neck through at the moment with a full width top. The easiest way for me to explain it would be to treat it like routing a pocket for a set neck (using a template). If you leave the top slightly oversized, you can actually slide the top towards the bottom of the guitar and, as long as you have cut the correct taper in the neck 'pocket' area, the sides of the top will snug right up against the sides of the neck looking very tidy.

Both MH28 and I were using neck pickups that abut the bottom of the neck which made the job considerably easier; if you were not to use a neck pup, or one with any kind of a gap after the neck, I think you will find the job very difficult indeed.

I can post a pic later if you like, but I'm not sure how much it would help.

I look forward to seeing a guitar built to your lap steel standards.



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Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

I worried about this a lot before i did it - but its surprisingly easy really.

I use a router planer jig to level everything up ready for the top. If you have a male/female template set for your 'neck pocket' shape then its just acase of shaping the fretboard and neck section with the male template, then cutting a neck pocket into the pre-glued top with the female template so it fits right over

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Can't really get a tighter join than that.

Only by routing the raised neck section to be exactly the same shape as the top cut-out. which makes no bloody difference if you are using a neck humbucker but thats not always the case

this was a trickier one as the end was angled and had sharp corners



top placed on:


so that one was lots of carefull cutting and fitting

When i have done it before for a single pickup i went for a fender shaped fretboard that makes things really simple





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