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Sustainer Squealing Problem


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What's up guys!?

sustainer thread again here,hope people dont get bored yet....the answer might be buried in the original thread or others...but i bother reading thru' 300 pages...it just adding more pain and headache....i already tried googling it but somehow projectguitar site dont really friendly wiht google...dunno what happen there.

ive done it...i followed the old tutorial,might be expired,but i think i can take that as my true start line.

First,take a look at the whole mess.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

1.Driver -the driver made from 6.1*6.1*55mm long iron bar,wound with a few turns of 0,2 wires,my dmm came up at 8.1 ohms...done ( i know that psw suggest to use 3mm thick core...but i dont have that at the time,but DEFINATELY will build it as he is so sure about it)

2.Circuit -just use Ruby,my bridge pup is really countable.but i have an onboard fetzer also...but likely will not gonna use it. the transistor is 2n5457 and i implemented the zobel network mod suggested...10 ohm resistor and 10uf cap (i know it supposted to be 8 ohm,but dont have it) the output cap is 100uf


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3.Sensing PUP (bridge PUP) other winder could give some good opinion here. the bridge pickup is high output if i can say that, its a homemade humbucker with 9500 turns of each bobbin and long ceramic bar magnet as the core DCR is 25.7 k.... (my guitar is a strat copy...my own frankenstrat,i have post it on "sustainer problem" thraed,but it must be long gone)

now lets get to the problem.

1.it works so F*((*^&n great... on fundamental mode no doubts...but still a little hard to drive high e...but mostly because the pickup is too dark..im plannig to remove fetzer and replece it with some treble booster.

2.Harmonic mode?? not at all...its squealing like a dying old man...i think this is where all the fun get paid off.... driver poles get in phase (or out phase???) with bridge pup? i removed the driver and the pickup out from the guitar...sit it on the floor and the same thing happen...so im convinced it wasnt because the internal wirinng and effect (got one booster and distortion built in,and busy damn ass wiring)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


1.switch the bridge pickup?? no,im in love with my own work,it gives hard bad ass distortion that ive been looking for so this is my dead price.

2.reducing the gain, the squeling stops when the ruby dont have enough power even to drive open big e string.....strange...is using audio pot cure this? im using trimers

3.shielding is someone has any good idea on how to shield the driver? im thinking to wrap it wit aluminum foil...and it will grounded of course. i will make pickup cover (brass or plate) for my humby too.

thats it...i know the problem is mostly because the pickup is pushing the ruby too hard...but i have sacrificed my neck pup,not a good idea to kill the bridge also.

thanks...lookin forward for your reply.


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