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Floyd Rose Scale Measurement Question...

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Greetings! I've been lurking this forum for a LONG time. :D

I am building an EVH Wolfgang clone using templates I got from www.guitarbuildingtemplates.com and have a question about where to measure for scale length. I haven't routed my neck pocket yet or drilled anything for the bridge. I have already routed the rear cavities (easier to do as its a body with a maple top) and the through cavity for the tremelo block. So, its a 25.5" scale and if I measure from the nut to the pivot studs its about 25.5" with the neck in position from the templates. If I measure from the nut to where the strings break over the saddles its over 26" with everything lined up from the templates and the saddles set in their middlemost postion. I can shift the neck towards the bridge to get 25.5" from nut to saddle but that seems to put the neck a little too far into the body.

Hope this made sense...

So, I guess the question is, with a Floyd Rose, do I measure from the nut to the studs or nut to the saddles?


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Thank you for the replies guys! I've built other guitars and have always measured to the saddles but that was with tune-o-matic type bridges. I assumed it was the same but I've never built anything from scratch with a Floyd Rose so I wasn't 100% sure.

Thanks again!

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