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Making A P Bass Nut

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What are the spacings and measurements of making a p bass nut?

Also what is an affordable material to use for the nut on a fretless? I hear wood gives more of that mwah tone and I'm wondering if I could use some scrap laminate alder? Or if I should file down some metal off an screwdriver and use it? Also wondering if I can use like bone from pork ribs or from a steak and file them down?

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The nut will only effect your sound most audibly when the string is played open, once a note is contacted on the FB the nut plays a lesser role in overall sound. Alder may be a bit soft and loose grained for a nut, Something like Bone, Delrin, Corian, Ivory, MOP, or even harder woods such as purpleheart, wenge, ebony and rosewoods work well. A laminate might hold up, it's worth a try.

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well, i cleaned off some pork rib bones, letting them dry after boiling them now, but i cut into one this morning to see that most of the bone is marrow, just wondering if the marrow will stay put to the bone, or will it just come off, and also if it will be strong enough for a nut?

if not, i'm gonna find a dried oak branch to try and whittle into a nut.

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