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Hello, I've been lurking around for some time now. I finally signed up and have been putting together parts and plans for a guitar for my son. I picked up Hiscock's book and been studying it for little things I missed in my design. My question is I can't find a scale length for a child's guitar. I saw one member here built one. I've tried the search function. it was in the In progress Finished section of the forum. if someone remembers the topic name , or just send me a link to the page that would be great. looking forward to showing my progress on this as I go forward. Sorry for the tome. Thanks, Timm :D

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Sorry this is a bit late, just got back from vacation.

The best way I have found to determine a probable suitable scale length for a child is get the child to stand upright with one arm straight out sideways at 90 degrees from the body, with fingers straight out in line with the arm. Now measure the distance from the belly button to the "v" where the thumb meets the hand. Deduct 4 inches from this measurement and the result should be a suitable scale length. This is likely to be the maximum scale length the child will be able to handle comfortably straight away, but it will ensure that the guitar will still be playable by the child up to two years later.

Next, you should check that it is suitable, so get some cardboard and draw the guitar on it with the nut and bridge set at the scale length and hold it against the child, then make any fine adjustments that may be required :D

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