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Inlay Procedure For Paper Under Acrylic?


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Making a JEM pyramid inlay fretboard with the colour inlays made of paper - as the original.

I'm having difficulties to get a clean result, though, with the edges of the paper pieces getting wet from the epoxy before it hardens and when it's all set it remains looking like paper with wet edges under the clear acrylic inlay.

I had to put several kilos of weight on the inlays when setting as there were bubbles occuring from the acrylic inlay being placed over the epoxy and pressed into the routed cavity.

How can this paper wetting be remedied?

Does the extreme bubble-busting pressure needed during setting induce the epoxy absorption into the paper?

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if it must be paper then i think i would be pre-gluing the paper to the clear plastic with the epoxy... pretty much plasticizing the paper before its inlayed. this way any f-ups, runs or uneven soakage will happen before its glued into the route

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