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Oh yeah! I remember seeing that now. DUH. I had a momentary brain fart, I saw the fretboard edge level with the top and thought for a second "since when does he do them like that?!" But it's just the product of the jig being used for both (and probably the fact I only saw the treble side of the fretboard).


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You know dave, was just thinkin, I wonder what that big round ass would do tonally in an acoustic.

I might steal your general body shape & modify it a bit for an acoustic build. If thats OK with you.

Wont be an exact match but anybody with an eye will spot the original inspiration for the shape.

Dont want to be a dik & just steal it you know.

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Started the neck shaping today. Got it mostly done. just have to rough the heel in tomorrow maybe. I also got the pot holes drilled and the switch as well. and recessed them into the top.

Starting to look good. The customer is coming by on the weekend to take a look and give the neck a feel.





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