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Swamp Ash Shortage?

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Is that what Exotic woods told you?

I had to pay $11 a BF foe the stuff I bought from them. And I recall them saying the are having one hell of a time getting it anymore.

Fender,PRS and other companies are stealing it all up. There for driving the price for it up. I'm not a big fan of the tone that you get out of Swamp Ash anyways.

Last time I was in Exotic it was barren no good Black Limba a poor selection of walnut too.

I was looking for Snake wood too. they only had 1 little piece. It's a shame there isn't a better selection available up here to us.


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it always depends

the demand for stuff thats called swamp ash is high, but the defination of what 'swamp ash' is has always varied. in any species you find lighter and heavier pieces. the term 'swamp ash' has been taken on mostly by expensive guitars which is what you find when you search for it with that name and why guitar manufactures are trying to control that market. luckily its not really a term that produces high prices in all of the timber trade, it used to be quite the opposite. so go to instrument wood dealers and the price will be high, but go to wood dealers and good prices are still possible if you know what to look for. good deals are always available for the small builder who knows what to look for, its the factories needing larger quantities that will struggle when there are shortages

it all depends where and how it was grown which means you can still dig through other ashes and find nice light pices that work. the wieght is to do with the water content when grown. and some 'swamp ash' can be grown far away from a swamp and even quite heavy if its a bad seller than knows the name will sell and it grew within a few hundred miles of a proper swamp. to me the term 'swamp ash' means it will be light and will be advetised with the weight to prove it, if the weight isnt given who knows what you are paying for... it could easily match northern ash in terms of weight

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i hear what your saying wez, but over here it really has to do with where it grows, ive had some really heavy swamp ash, and its not just N.ash cuz its got that characteristic 'punkiness' to it that wont get shiny over the jointer, and the pores seem a lot deeper; but its not one of those woods ive done 'extensive' work with, so strictly my thoughts on the subject;

Dave; when did you last go, they didnt have anything exept a 3 peice explorer blank; and i got the same story from A&M; way better store if your up for the drive to cambridge. they have a whole room devoted to burls ebony pink ivory and snakewood; rotating stock im sure, but theyre way better for that stuff;

you want WALNUT!! i got a guy you need to meet; actually for walnut theres a couple of cool small guys around here; my one buddy i call James Woods has a great selection of 1-2" walnut at a fraction of Exotic; any maple i go there cuz he dont really grade it beyond soft hard and curly(soft/hard) so you just have to go hunting, also hes got padauk wenge bloodwood and a bunch of random stuff for his cabinet maker customers; pear, lyptus wormy stuff, some of the funkiest mineral stained poplar that exotic has never seen; all kiln dried; and ya fraction of the cost; he aint got the real crazy crazy stuff but you gotta come down and i'll bring ya or send you the address;

the other guy has a portable sawmill and has collected wood over years and years and theres some crazy stuff if you just look; hes got 3 kilns on his property, sooo i assume theyre all dried that way too;

let me know, im trying to keep this James guy into wanting more of the 'exotic' stuff and he loves hearing about the hot woods of the day


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