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Inlaying Raised/textured Items

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has anyone done anything like this?

its an old coin that means alot to the customer and hes inquiring about having it inlaid into the guitar; he doesent care where; just that its visable.

so my concerns are a few; the way im thinking is it would be inlaid deep enough so the clearcoat would be flat and the coin is protected from the engraving being sanded off; it must be as clear as possible, and its really old apparently so is there any metal that gonna funk up inside there w/ no way to retreive it?

a post or two down was talking about plexi over paper images, what concerns me is that being the coin has bumps; whatever is securing the the coin and plexi together could have residue on the glass making it patchy and what not;

my other initial idea was epoxy; i use the west system which seems to dry a little pink, but not bad, but the air bubbles that find theyre way in, especially if this thing is like a mm or 2 that alot of space;

the only other option i had as last resort was putting it on the head stock, slightly proud and try my best to buff the by hand around the coin;

any weigh ins?

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i would be going just slightly under and filling with epoxy

you must have some coins in your pocket you can practice with and check whether he will be happy with the result before carrying on

or do it on the headstock and simply leave it till after its all buffed out to install it

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