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Rough Patch On Jazz Bass Neck.

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I bought an MIM Fender Jazz recently, and it's great apart from the finish of the neck between frets 5-8. The skunk stripe felt as if it was very slightly protruding from the neck itself and I could feel it whilst playing. I took some 0000 steel wool to it when has made it nicer feeling, but now there's a bare patch in the maple and rosewood and after a while tends to feel sticky I imagine it's the bare maple picking up more grime? You can just about see it as a darker patch in the photograph.



What should I do? I want to return it as close to stock finish as possible. Should I use some grainfiller, then oil and sand with 0000 again? How do Fender finish their necks?

Thank you!

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got a similar problem with my guitar, stained telecaster neck, i posted about it earlier on the forums, heres a picture and link to the thread



probably wont help but its the same problem i think.

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Pretty simple fix, sand clean with 400 and 600 to clean away grime, and spray with Poly (Minwax poly from Home Depot or Lowes works well) wait 3 or 4 days for curing, blend /wetsand with 800 to smooth, wax and your back to playing.

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wipe on poly is an oil finish....let me rephrase; its as close to any kind of oil finish any production company would ever use, and when you scuff the old finish, it will stick just fine but personally i dont sand maple over 300 that i want finish to grab to, anything above that should be after the initial finish is applied.

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