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Guitar of the Month for October  

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Had to do a double take that this ERO was a PG guitar. Jaden A++++. How about pictures of the back????? Deserves a better finish as a comment...

Anyway great work...

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Jaden - The E.R.O. : I voted for this one. The familiar formula takes a surprising turn here with the inlayed pattern. It's finely executed. I didn't think I'd ever vote for this kind of superstrat guitar, but I really like it!

Bionic Dave - The Tortoise - I love that tortoise inlay. The rest is nice too, but for some reason, I find that the body shape doesn't fit well with the fanned fret configuration.

Ricky Anderson - Orange Lady - Ricky, the pictures aren't about "fancy black backdrops", but having the piece show up clearly. In your case, it's a bit difficult to appreciate the workmanship. I think your design is really nice. I may have made that upper horn in a slightly less traditional shape. And how do you feel about your fanned frets "straightening" at the 12th? It seems to be that the first few fret positions would be easier to play if they weren't so slanted.

Hitone - The Sheriff - I like the theme and you pulled it off nicely. Can't wait to see its nemesis! How does that star switch work? Does it rotate?

sdshirtman - The Dimple - I almost voted for this one. I especially like your thorough build thread. It shoes that with enough preparation and care, a first build can turn into a gem. Very, VERY nice work!


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I didn't see "a null vote is a vote" :D

(wanted to vote for Jaden actually)

about my pics, I don't have better pics, sorry.

My guitar is in Indonesia and I'm in hawaii at this time, no chance to get recent pic :D

about straight fret at 12th, I had no idea, it's my first build anyway, so maybe I'll try to put it at 7th or 9th next time B)

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Nice guitars, everyone.

The Dimple is a very elegant, traditional looking guitar with features that I appreciate: mahogany body, warm transparent colors, simple controls, humbuckers.... It looks good; undoubtedly sounds good; and if it doesn't play good, it sure looks like it could be setup to do so.

The Sheriff touched me because of the stage picture. I like to see guitars out working. It's not how much a guitar costs, but how much money you can make with it that matters. Well, that's just the money part--I love any guitar for any reason.

I missed the E.R.O. Where are the pics? The description sounds very interesting.

Awesome woods on The Tortoise. Not a fan of fanned frets though. If it's for the improved response on the bass strings, why not just use heavier gauges on the low end?

Orange Lady is a fine guitar I'm sure. But you have to vote your conscience, right? Fanned frets rule it out for me, for now--I'm still not too old to change though. Plus I've been seriously thinking about playing a seven-string.

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when I saw the ERO I was pretty sure it would get my vote.

the orange lady was also nice, but loses points in my book for not being a 100% DIY job

my vote goes to the dimple for the simple reason that the quality for a first build is exception, and the attention to detail is something I'm struggling with so I am very in awe of it. This guitar is nothing spectacular, but very very very well executed.

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yep, i agree..

the dimple really stands out as a great looking first build with a lot of the detail looking very tidy..

loved the tortoise too..

i didnt vote for myself :D

build have been thin on the ground the last couple of months !

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