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Ibanez Neck Drawing Needed


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Hi there,

I'm new on this forum but a reader for a while now. Looking for a "winter project" I've decided to build a guitar that I want to have for a long time, the Ibanez JEM 777. I found the blueprint of the body on the internet and started to build this from yellow poplar. Maybe not the best choice of wood for this guitar but it is easy to work with and it is cheap. Since this is my first guitar I don't want to spend to much money on wood.

Now that I am in the sanding procedure of the body I want to start with the neck. But to my surprise I can't find any drawings of the JEM neck! So my question: can one of you help me out on this so I can proceed?

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Ok first off you really don't need a blueprint of the neck as this normally will have pre-determined measurements and a scale length that you can get anywhere ie nut width scale length,no of frets etc,etc. What you will struggle to get is an accurate headstock design of an Ibanez origin, now if this is your 1st build sketch one out as near as possible to a diagram you have and then go from there and its not that hard with the advent of Photoshop, Corel draw etc. Now if you want it bang on to an original you will have to beg someone on this forum who has one and will share the design or image at the correct size, hope this helps :D

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So far I see only:

Tutorial Section, Reference Section, Supply Section, Gallery Section and When All Else Fails. I suppose that the Advanced support section becomes visible once my donation is verified.

Oh, bytheway, sorry if there are some grammatical or spelling errors in my text, I'm from the Netherlands ;-)

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