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Opinions On Squier Strat Restoration (sentimental Value)

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Hi everyone,

This has been on my project list for a long time. I've built 3-4 guitars and now I'd like to resurrect my first guitar. It's a 1984 or so Fender Squier Bullet. These were built a thousand times better than the bullets built now. Still, I don't have any illusions that this is a collector's item or a highly valuable guitar. I played it for 10 years and so it has a lot of sentimental value. Lots of shows, lots of little mods and rewirings, and so much wear that the pickup covers have holes worn from the pick.

Anyway, the part I need an opinion on is the frets. They are beyond worn and I need to do something about it. Should I:

1) Refret it myself. This worries me a little bit because I might mess up my only first guitar.

2) Pay a professional to refret it. This is less risky but it seems crazy to pay $200 for someone to refret a guitar I bought for $140 in high school.

3) Buy a new neck. Amazingly, these guitars are going for $400 on eBay, and necks are around $150-200. Also, I'd hate to lose the years of wear marks.

4) Give up and consider this a museum piece. Still an option, but I would like to still play this guitar if I can.

Any votes???

Here's a picture for reference. Hopefully some of you can identify with the attachment to a first guitar and help me think clearly on this one.


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I would suggest a refret too, considering what you've told us. At worst, it would be great practice for fret jobs in the future. Also consider this: if you screw up this fret job, just take them out and do it again. I've done that before.

Just follow good technique and you'll be fine. Heat the frets with an old soldering iron to remove, make sure the neck is good and straight after all the frets are removed, make sure the fret tang will fit in the slot good, and do a good fret leveling. You'll do better than you'd think probably.

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