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Bleaching Figured Maple Veneer

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I just traded for a couple pieces of figured maple veneer with another member (Thanks to Chris) to put on the headstock of my Schecter 006 elite. The body is a carved top with a trans black flamed veneer top that came stock. The headstock was painted with a cheesy painted logo that I sanded off. I would like to get the veneer for the headstock as light (silvery white would be perfect) as possible to contrast the transblack body. I got the idea from the white Bill Lawrence pickups that I installed in it. I researched and found a couple products such as Daly's AB Wood Bleach and Hood 190 two part wood bleach that are supposed to work well (even better than oxylic acid) for lightening. They're about $25 shipped and I don't plan on using them again so I was wondering if anyone knows a cheaper alternative that could work well.

Also, I'd like to clear coat the veneer after it's glued and sanded down quickly and simply. Can I sand the veneer smooth and use Krylon clear to build up (sanding between coats) to match the body's thick clear coat? It doesn't have to be perfect, just thick and durable. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank You,


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