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Bridge String Spacing

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Good man six stringer thanks for taking the time to reply. The Schaller roller bridge should do the job but I'll have to route the top of the body and drop it in a little. I should have mentioned that the guitar has a glued neck joint and there is no neck angle. I was looking for something similar to a strat style bridge. At least I know now that I have one option.


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The schaller roller bridge comes with a removeable spacer underneath it..there should be no need to recess.I have one in my closet right now and I had it installed on a set neck with no angle guitar...

I did not like that bridge though...it rattled.but that could be solved by dabs of locktite or even super glue on all of the rollers and adjustment screws..

See..the rollers adjust side to side,but they have to roll to do it..the internal wheels are threaded onto a threaded rod.That is how that works.So the "roller" function kind of sucks..especially at that price.To be honest I would not use it ever again.

A better option seems to be those single string mounts everyone is using on their multi-scale guitars...Wez...where do you get those?

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