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Starting Out - 1st Guitar, 2nd Planned

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I'm Josh, I'm 24 and I live in Texas. I have been playing Guitar for many years now, but have just recently starting building them. I actually started out building Cigar Box Guitars, then moved on to more difficult things. My first solid body Guitar was made out of multiplex, and I used a Brownsville neck that was customized to be a 4 string. The result was a modest Guitar that played all right, but was a little noizy, or hot because I used a piezo element as a pickup.

My next Guitar, which is planned is my signature model and is totally custom, from the design of the body, to a totally custom neck. Also includes a totally custom made single coil pickup, which I have built those before with great success. I have a full sized plan that I designed and drew.

My first Guitar's body was designed after the Ibanez JEM, but without the monkey grip.

I hope to have fun here! :D


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