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Seymour Duncan Hot Rails


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This guitar had a stacked single space in the bridge posi, it sounded good, but not enough bite and sustain for me.


The circuit doesn't have many earth wires, even the in jack has only the positive connected, the earth runs through the copper shielding.


I thought I would try one of these,


I have never seen this arrangement on a pick up before, it looks as if you can attach your own wires to the back of the pup


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I think that it won't work. :D

this pickup doesn't gives you more sustain, it is just sounds more "powerfull".

(sorry about my english.)

No worries, your English is a lot better than mine was about 11 o'clock last Friday night B) I'll post a video soon of the guitar with the new pick up so you can hear what it sounds like

that would be pretty cool but i cant see why you would need to attach more wires.

btw i had one in a strat and while it was much hotter than a standard strat bridge pickup and it was quiet i found it a little too sterile for me but i dont play high gain much.

No I dont get why either, unless someone really shredded the wires that are attached :D

I always liked the Duncan Hot Rails..very hot and handles gain well,turning a single coil guitar into a metal machine.In that particular guitar it should sound very good for what you like to play I think.

You are so right, it did transform this guitar into a metal machine, raawwkkkkk baby.

Burnt my finger on the soldering iron, you think I would have learnt by now the plastic handle is OK, the metal bit is hot, no touchies. Internet is slowed for me till the end of the month, will post pics and vid then. TTFN.

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Tried the guitar out loud through a Marshall in the rehearsal studio, great sound, heaps of sustain, fatter than a single coil, but with a little tinge of strat tone. Nice articulation, individual notes still clear.

Stuck a microphone in front of my practice modelling amp to shoot this vid so you can hear it.


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