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the list is endless,

what type of amp have you got ?

what type of music do you play ?

if you have a tube amp a tube screamer or treble booster can liven it up a bit, theres a few distortions that work nice with tube amps too (big muff and one knob fuzz come to mind). i find that none of these peds work with solid state amps very well just get a flavour but no boost.

could also get a wah wah as well, but theres a lot to choose from.

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The amp is a (tube) peavey ultra 212. I actually have 2 wahs vox and dunlop. For distortion I am going for the mxr full bore metal. And for reverb I am currently bidding on the holy grail reverb by electro harmonix. Now for other stuff, my mind is blank.

Noise gate?

Compression Sustainer?


Please enlighten me on what exactly these do, and what are some good brands?

I play (at least try to) blues-jazz-metal/prog. metal(a bit ambiguous)-christian worship music.....all around

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with blues and jazz on the plate your gonna want a good OD pedal like Samba said a good tube screemer (or one of the many thousands of clones) should do just fine. but if you want to go cheap look at the danelectro cool cat series not bad at all for the price.

btw get on youtube and do a search for gearmanndude he has a tone of comparison vid some good some not so good some just funny.

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As others have mentioned, the list of pedals that can be purchased is potentially endless. The way I've gone about it is finding major sound areas that I find I use when playing music. I try to use as few pedals as possible to achieve these areas. Here's what I use:

Dunlop Crybaby Classic Wah

Ibanez DE7 Delay

Ibanez SM7 Distortion (Modified by Pedalhacker @www.pedalhackermods.com)

Holy Grail Reverb (for my practice amp that doesn't have reverb)

I can play all of the original and cover songs I like to play (and they tend to be in your prescribed musical genres) with these being used at appropriate times.

If I want to add a little more flavor to songs I may use:

A phaser for short lead passages ala Van Halen or a chorus for rhythm passages ala RHCP. Another cool pedal is something like a Boss PSM-5 that can put all of your pedals in a loop so that you don't have to step on multiple pedals if you go into or come out of a heavy spot in the music and need to multiple pedals on or off at the same time. Those pedals are usually a lot cheaper than the new line selector pedals.

One thing to watch out for with pedals (speaking from experience): There is such thing as too many. Trying to find new and funky pedals eat up time that can be used to learn new and funky styles and take a lot, a lot of practice to get to sound good together when used live and when going from amp to amp. This led me to just buy a new multi-channel amp that eliminated some of my pedal needs and music was way more fun to play again.

Finally, I've found that a single pedal can sound very different by simply switching between pickups or adding one other pedal. For example: my distortion pedal can go from basic blues when used with my guitar's neck single coil pickup, to Hendrix with the wah pedal, to Dream Theater with my bridge humbucker pickup and the delay pedal without switching any settings on the distortion pedal itself. These subtle differences allow for a lot of range with a small amount of pedals and I that's the way I like it.

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"I'm beginning my pedal collection now, starting with a dd7. I'm bidding on a Holy Grail Reverb, and a compression sustainer.

I'm looking to pickup the mxr full bore metal pedal as well.

Anyone have suggestions on what to add? And where to get a decently priced board?"

i'd like to go with "complete" selections of pedals,meaning all kinds of modulations and distortions available on your pedalboard,don't need to go with everything expensive,just versatile.

take the first step by don't waste your money on buying distortions pedal,just buy modulations,modulations can alter your playing. tremolo,vibrato,echo,flanger,chorus,etc. yumm.

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Okay, so now my set-up is as follows (so far):

Vox Wah (I found the crybaby to be too whiny....duh, with a name like crybaby:P)

Boss DD-7

Electroharmonix Holy Grail

Electroharmonix Small Stone

Boss CS-3

Boss Chromatic tuner too!

I may get an eq, but first I'll need an amp. The peavey was never ment to be.

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I may get an eq, but first I'll need an amp. The peavey was never ment to be.

I wouldn't give up on the Peavey just yet. Grant it they're not a Bogner or Boogie,

but they're usually good bang for your buck gear. You said your going for metal?

What are your settings on the crunch or Ultra channel?

FYI, I still have my old ss Stereo Chorus 212. I use it every day for practice, and I've

auditioned for bands with it (just amp, no effects). 100 watts, and it's just as brutal as

an Uberschall.

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