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Short Scale 12 String

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Looking ahead to some time after Christmas when I've recovered from my operation, I'm considering building a 12 string solid (or maybe chambered). Having built a 12 string in the past, and played many others, all with a 25.5 inch scale, I know it takes quite a bit of pressure to hold the strings down. So, as my left hand will be comparatively weak, I'm thinking of making my new build a 24 inch scale so the string tension will be lower. I've built 24 inch scale 6 strings before, quite a few in fact, and fitted them with 10-46 gauge strings, and they have still had lower string tension than a 25.5 incher with 9-42s on.

So, the question; has anyone ever made a 12 string with a 24 inch (or shorter) scale? If so, were there any problems with string vibration causing the "string twins" to interfere with each other? If nobody has built such a geet, does anyone think string collision will be a problem?

Any input would be much appreciated :D

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Never made one (I'm going to make a 12 string thinline tele soon though) but it's been done.

Dream Guitars

And God be with you during and after your surgery.

Thanks IPA. that sounds really sweet. The comment in that link about being as easy to play as a 6 string confirms my assumption about the short scale being an advantage :D

The surgery went well, and the pain is subsiding now, so hopefully it won't be too long before I can start playing and building - and typing with two hands :D

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I haven't made a twelve string, but I did make a ten string. Well not exactly, I just modified a Japanese Fender Jaguar in to a ten string. But still, unison strings and a 24" scale.

I didn't notice any issues with strings hitting each other, but this guy wanted really heavy strings on it. The tension on that little neck was insane and I felt sorry for it.


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