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Blind Guardian Custom Guitar

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BGC Blind Guardian Custom

Ok guys, this is the end result of a guitar I have been building.

This is my fourth custom now. I did the finish the same way they do the Steve Vai Jem guitars.

Using a Blind guardian shirt for the pattern, I glued it on, sealed it with sanding sealer, painted the sides black and glossed over.

My old man is a retired auto sprayer so I get him to help me, just to ensure a quality finish.

The original idea came from projectguitar.com

I modified the 21 fret body by adding huge cutaway's, this way I could mount the 24 fret neck and still have heaps of reach to the upper frets, and yes its intonation is perfect. The neck has been mounted closer to the bridge in the process.

Basswood body Strat style 21 fret I am 95% sure its basswood as its very light

Maple/rosewood fretboard 24 fret Charvel/Jackson style neck

Bone nut

Schaller sure claw

Custom made 2mm clear acrylic scratch plate, made by PR Hance Guitars,

Gotoh vintage style 6 screw tremolo

Bridge pickup - Seymour Duncan TB 10 full shred

Neck pickup - Seymour Duncan shn hotrail neck

Gotoh Jackplate

Gotoh neck plate

Gotoh strap pins

Gotoh locking machine heads

2x Dimarzio push/pull pot

Dimarzio 3 way switch

Dimarzio jack

2 vol push/pull series/parallel 3 way switch

Initially I was worried about the material finish dulling down the sound of the guitar but the guitar sounds awesome!

Also some people raised concerns about the bone nut with the vintage tremolo, causing tuning issues, but all in all it holds tune very well.

There is some graphite powder on the nut as well. The Gotoh locking tuners just fit the headstock width so the machine head poles sit very low, maybe that helped?

I had concerns about EMI problems with the clear pickguard, I have shielded the walls with aluminium plate and copper foil, seems to have worked fine.

I am very happy with the guitar, I am so surprised at how much it resonates for a solid body, I have other factory made guitar which are flat compared to this, :D

pics here


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