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Guitar Fetish Kits?

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Hey, has anyone had any experience with Guitar Fetish's guitar and bass kits? I recently finished building my first guitar from scratch, and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to build another, but I have far less time and far less money. I see they have a bass kit for a 100 bucks, and thought it looked like a really good value. I wanted to know if anyone could recommend these kits or not. I've bought some parts from there and they've always been in good condition...

Thanks in advance

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I assembled one for a customer; they're a PITA. The bridge and pickup routes were off, the neck pocket was sloppy, the hardware was terrible, the frets were totally out of whack, and the list goes on. You're better off just buying a good kit if you want to go the assembly route (vs. building one).

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Is there a "good" kit you would recommend?


Seriously? I figured they were junk just like every other kit. Which one(s) did you do? The Tele kit is cheaper than the body or neck would be by themselves, so a complete kit sounds like a real bargain.

I built a Grizzly Les Paul Style kit before they discontinued it.... The wood and fit and finish quality is pretty darned good. Right on Par with what you would hope to recieve. THe hardware and electronics are poo... complete poo... You'd be best off not even installing it.

Now I understand that the hardware and electronics in the "heirloom" kits are much more normal quality... (not really excellent,but not poor.) YMMV

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It would cost you hundreds of dollars to build a Warmoth guitar...And in the end you would have a guitar the same quality as a japanese jackson dinky that you could buy new for the same amount.

lets be fair - put it together well (and i mean really well) it it will be as good as any fender custom shop. but no, warmoth is not a cheap option and it still has very little relative resale value

carvin kits are ace and great value! on most things there are parts you want to change but the carvin stuff is usually nice enough that you can be happy with the stock parts

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lets be fair - put it together well (and i mean really well) it it will be as good as any fender custom shop.

So is a Japanese Dinky...maybe you have not seen them in a while...the only thing not super excellent on the Japanese dinky is the finish and the lack of fret leveling and a proper setup..All of which you must do yourself on a Warmoth.

Don't get me wrong,I have a Warmoth neck on my Sabre...it was very decent,but the holes for the locking nut were slightly offset(the nut was hanging off one side by about 1/ 16"),and the tuner holes were drilled too small for most tuners.

Carvin necks are the same quality or better,they just don't offer as many headstock styles.

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