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fret is coming off...


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wouldn't the easy way be to just put some glue in the slot, and pound the fret back in?

*grunt grunt grunt* in true Tim Taylor style, why not use the binford 6100 neumatic power hammer!!!!!!!!!!!


seriously though, setup your clamp and test to make sure you can tigten it in a couple of seconds, get some 30 second water viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive (local hobby store, or online) if you can get a syringe with 27 gauge medical needle that might be best a pipet would also to the job, or lastly the tip of the bottle but that doesn't offer you as much control. get the glue in the side, of the fret slot, maybe under the crown aswell, then clamp it down for a couple of mins.

well that's just how i'd do it

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but after i glue it back in and it drys. i would have to sand the neck a little to get the glue that seeped out right?

You can always lay down a strip of clear scotch tape on both sides and peal it up afterwards as a mini cheat, You might have to trim along the side if you have a ton of extra glue seeping out.

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