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Stripping Paint On My Guitar> Noob Need Help For Refinishing

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hello all!

Im gonna be stripping the paint on my guitar. its an ibanez s320 with a mahogany body. this is the first guitar that I am gonna be refinishing without a solid paint so its basically just gonna be wood or a bit of wood dye/stain to darken the sides of the body. obviously im noob at this.

iv seen in this vid the michael tobias used denatured alcohol to clear up the grains on the wood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsaPfTyK8_k. I have also read on a site (forgot the site name) that a laquer thinner will do the job. so, after applying the denatured alcohol what do you guys think? apply sanding sealer then clear coating or direct to clear coating?

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There are a few things to bare in mind before you start stripping the paint. Generally painted bodies are made from several pieces of wood, anywhere from 3 on up, and the pieces are not in any kind of matching pattern or color. They can also have varying widths. The wood is rarely anything nice to look at, otherwise they use it for a transparent finish. You mind find a diamond in the rough, but generally factory guitars that have the paint stripped turn out to be nothing nice to look at.

The other problem is that mahoganny is very porous, so you will have to sand down fairly deep to remove the sealer and the grain filler from the pores. You will likely have a lot of small white spots all over from the left over grain filler.

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I see... well I the ibanez s320 did not have thick layers of paint. it had a thin layer of black paint (weathered black) when I strip it, it was not that hard.

so anyways I have managed to strip all the paint out.

what would be a good woody look finish for a mahogany? I am thinking of staining the sides of the body and finish with a natural varnish...

im also thinking of oiling it then spray a few clear coats...

need your inputs guys for a good finish look for mahogany :D

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hey thanks for the link lot of useful info there.

I have not found a tru-oil here the only gun store in our city does not have it. hardwares dont know it either...

but the salesman recommended me this clear gloss varnish.

its "super Valspar" 50% soya easter gum alkyd resin and 50% petroleum thinner. anyone knows how good this is?

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