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Determining Fretboard Taper On Multiscale Guitar


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Hello again,

My current dream is to build 7 string guitar with multiscale fretboard 25.5" - 27".

I confused, how can I calculate fretboard taper correctly.

On normally slotted fretboard I can determine the taper if I know neck width at last fret and nut.

Angled frets on multiscale are confusing me. Should I use bass or treble side of the fretboard to calculate neck width ?

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You need your nut and your bridge width. Lay them out at the proper scale length and draw a line to represent the two outside strings (bass and treble). Add the amount of space you prefer from the string to each edge of your fretboard, usually 1/8" to 3/16". and there you have your taper.


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yeah, its usually just a case of drawing it out - i usually start by drawing it out as if it was a normal fretboard with a normal nut and bridge based on the treble side scale length. I can then extend the bass side by measuring towards the nut from whichever fret i have made non angled ( the perp).

I have found that doing it this way ensures I keep string spcaing bang on what it would be with a normal guitar - helping it feel natural

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