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Hello! I'm New Here

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Hi y'all. :wave:

I've begun to start working on my own guitars. Because I've spent so much time modding anyway, I thought it'd be neat to start building solid body electrics out of readily available parts. It'll be a long time before I'm ready to do bodies and necks from scratch. I lack the space, equipment, and know-how for that kind of work. But I've lurked here some, and there are obviously some expert craftsmen (or craftswomen) here, so I'll start with a couple of questions:

Where can I get colored stains (like transparent blue, green, red, etc)? Also, nitrocellulose lacquer (or something like that that y'all might recommend.)

Where can I get a 'holder' thing so that I can use a hand-held drill like a drill press? (I want to be able to drill mounting holes for bridge pivots and the like and have the holes be really straight).

What kind of soldering iron would y'all recommend? My cheapie from radio shack hella sux.


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