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Aluminium Corrosion Using Hydrochloric Acid...


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I have no idea where to post this...

Anyway I had these aluminium logo's cut out by CNC at one point for my headstocks and I had this idea to give them a Hydrochloric acid bath...

Turned out that it takes off all the small machine marks but also gives it a really cool matt finish, almost like its been sanded...

Of course (thypical Patrick), I later on learned that this is a very commun technique which is being used to distress aluminium :D:D

Made this video...

Aluminium Corrosion

And here is the result...


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nice look i really like th weathered look a lot of guys are doing these days i am hoping to do somethign soon im still working on getting up the tools for that i got plenty of old pine to build one from.

i learned by accident what happens when you mix aluminum and acid. i had some muriatic acid i was trying to clean some paint off some engine parts. lol it was pretty funny after i got the bucket dumped out and rinced the parts.

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