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Neck Repair

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acoustic 12-string w/a sharp bow inward. i popped the fretboard and leveled the neck. one problem, the truss rod is sticking out down the center so the fretboard kind of rocks side to side.

i tried grinding down the rod and it helped a little.

should i continue to grind, or notch out a groove in the fret board to accomodate it?

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pics to follow.

i removed the fret board, and sanded down the neck to make level. i routed trussbar groove and glued it all back together. sounds great. the only trouble is that since i took about 1/8th" off the top of the neck, the surface area has shrunk, so that the fretboard now hangs over the sides a little. i will try to fill w/wood filler and paint black.

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