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Proper Care For A Satin Finish Guitar.

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Hi from the frozen tundra of northern Kentucky.

I have a guitar with a satin (flat) finish (damn near military olive green). What can I use to clean/ protect the guitar? Unless I wash my hand right befor touching the guitar, the oils in my hands can be seen where the guitar is touched. Most products are intended to shine the guitar but that would defeat the intended "dull" look.

Does anyone make a wax that will retain the flat finish?


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The same thing as for pretty much any guitar: a dry microfibre cloth, slightly damp if it's too dirty. Any simple guitar polish won't undo the satin finish if you want something to 'revitalize' the finish, but I don't feel it's particularly necessary to do so. The finish is hard enough as it is, just keep it clean.

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