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Bass & 6 String Double Neck


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I'm thinking about building a double neck 6 string and bass and would like some input before I get started on the project. Brian has given me some ideas on the body, but I'd like to know if I should put in separate jacks for the bass and 6 string ? I'll be running it to 2 separate amps.

Would you put the bass on top or vice versa ?

Thanks in advance.


Logan, OH

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I would put the bass on top, personally. That may not be the most ballanced way to do it, but my thinking is that the higher up you go on the body, the lower the strings are tuned.

There was a fellow, in fact, that built a guitar and bass double neck, but he put the two necks so close together that he could fret and play both the guitar and bass at the same time. He also used two separate output jacks, one for the bass, and one for the guitar. Legend has it that he could actually sound like two different people playing at the same time. Mental... party

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